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Overwatch Temple of Anubis

This is a project inspired by the Temple of Anubis map in Overwatch, an exercise for me to try to work in a defined style. A lot of Blizzard’s textures are hand painted, but I wanted to see if I could recreate the same feeling with a tileable and procedural texture.

Ole midthun anubis 1k render

Two signs from the map, both created by hand from references in game

Anubis Sign

Ole midthun anubis stone wall

Render from Substance Designer. Exposed parameters include stone amount and colours

Ole midthun anubis sign diffuse

Diffuse for the sign

Ole midthun block 3

To the left you see two Substances blended together to create variation.

Ole midthun electric 1

Working with traditional texturing, this electrical wall mount has a diffuse map, a specular map and an emission map