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Medieval wall textures

Revisiting an old project, I have created two materials that in Unreal can be combined to use vertex painting. I love using modular assets, and this will make my patterns disappear. I need to update the models and there is a lot to do still, but soon I will have a preview of a scene using these textures. I might also decrease the contrast between the textures a little, to make them blend better.

Ole midthun old bricks 4

The bricks make up the bottom layer of the material.

Ole midthun plaster 3

The plaster is the top layer. Some simple grunge maps were used to make it, and it tiles very well.

Ole midthun highresscreenshot00011

Got feedback from Bruno Afonseca to use the height blend instead of the normal lerp - and it looks so much better! Thanks a lot :)

Ole midthun highresscreenshot00020

Bricks with tessellation in Unreal

Ole midthun highresscreenshot00013

Using some old models to imagine how the buildings will be constructed.