Minotaur – The Maze Game
Ole midthun image 1b

The collectibles in the game were based on a simple geometrical pattern. The mesh is a simple Unity cube, with a material containing albedo, normal and emissive textures.

Ole midthun image 2d

The win area needed to be easy to identify, so an emissive map and a contrasting colour was utilised.

Ole midthun image 4c

To generate some interesting shapes, the lights were placed inside geometrical shapes to cast some interesting shadows.

Ole midthun image 6

There are three power-ups in the game: X-Ray vision, wall hacking and bait to lure the monster away.

Ole midthun image 5

The maze is procedurally generated every time the game is reloaded. To create variation, two different meshes and five different materials were used.

Ole midthun ham wires

Due to time constraints and the nature of the project, the game was assigned a low polycount.

Greek Treasure Material

These are some screenshots and renders of a university project i have been working on. I have worked with Kim Garrick for the code, but all the visuals have been developed by me. Some of the materials come from an earlier project, but most of the assets have been produced over the last few weeks.